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Top 10 Best Classic Board Games for Kids

Board games are a great, inexpensive way for families to spend quality time together. Click out our video and list of the top ten board games.

There’s nothing like a classic board game for your kids enjoy on a rainy day or just simply hanging out. Here is a video and list of the top classic board games for kids.


Best board games for kids - Scrabble

The classic word game. Remember the feeling of sitting down with your mother or father for a leisurely game of Scrabble on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Family time may have shrunk over the years, but the game hasn’t changed a bit.  Play it and expand the afternoon. Players draw 7 letter tiles to form a word. Ages 8+.


Best board games for kids - Clue

A murder mystery board game that’s loads of fun. Was it Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick? Junior detectives will love playing this ever-changing mystery game. Players move from room to room in a mansion to solve the mystery Ages 9+.


Best board games for kids - Sorry

Who can resist those candy-kiss-shaped Sorry pieces? Your kids will love this perennial classic. Players draw a card to to advance their Pawn avoiding the card that reads “sorry”.  Ages 6+.

Chinese Checkers

Best board games for kids - Chinese Checkers

Whether it’s the marbles or the star-shaped board, kids love to play this checker-like game. A classic coffee table game.  Players move game pieces from one side of the board to the opposite side before their opponent does.  Ages 5+.

Chutes and Ladders

Best board games for kids - Chutes and Ladders

In this game kids who break the rules (as in life, sort of)  slide down long chutes and kids who behave climb the ladder of success. It’s a classic story of good and evil, with a little luck thrown in. Players try to land on the 100 square. Ages 4+.

The Game of Life

Best board games for kids - Life

If real life were only this simple! Choosing a profession, spouse, and kids is as easy as spinning a dial. Players try to collect the most Life tiles and the most money, Ages 8+.


Best board games for kids - Chess

Start the kids early on this classic strategy game and you just may find a prodigy on your hands! Players strategically move chess piece and put your opponent in checkmate. Ages 10+


Best board games for kids - Monopoly

No game is better suited to the budding capitalist than this classic real estate game. Play the classic, or check out the new Here & Now Edition. It’s got new tokens and new properties like Boston’s Fenway Park, Houston’s Johnson Space Center, and Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Ages 8+.


classic board games - twister

(Not your typical board game, but it sure puts a spin on too much family togetherness!)
Right foot green, left hand red. Spin the dial and let the silliness begin! Ages 6+

Candy Land

classic board games - Candyland

This game is more than 50 years old — that’s a lot of years of happily playing tykes! Who doesn’t remember the colorful cards and tempting treats pictured along the path in Candy Land? Ages 3-6.


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